Human Resources

Growing your business depends on finding and keeping the right people

HR Services

Growing your business depends on finding and keeping the right people. After all, they’re what keep things ticking over. We are specialists in providing HR support to both small and large organisations. We are passionate about HR and making the most of your most valuable asset – your team, so that you can achieve your objectives and further your mission.

Employment Law

Fish Hook Careers will always look into the UK employment law for guidance and advice for all our clients and candidates. From the legal relationship between workers, employers and trade unions, pay entitlement, employment rights for both employee and employer, holiday entitlement, flexible working patterns and the rights for maternity and paternity leave.

Policies & Procedures

Recruiting and selecting the right people is of paramount importance to the continued success of Fish Hook. Our Recruitment and Selection Policy sets out how to ensure, as best possible, that the most appropriate people are recruited on merit and that the recruitment process is free from bias and discrimination.

Legal Compliance

Fish Hook Careers recognises and appreciates that most employers spend more time managing staff issues then anything else. There is a wealth of regulations surrounding the employment of staff and some are incredibly complex.

Performance Management

Fish Hook appreciate that a business’s most important asset is its people. If your business is to succeed, you’re going to have to get the best out of your employees. One of the most imperative ways of looking out for your team and your business is Performance Management. Fish Hook have many tools, tips and expertise in this field.

Team Building

Teams are the building blocks of many new businesses and keeping your team working effectively will obtain big benefits. So how can you help your team to get the most out of working together? We can help!

"She has significantly reduced our hiring costs, saved me time and promoted the company online"

Sally Cross, Marketing Director, Potter and Moore