Blue State Digital, London and New York

"I was searching for a freelance solution to manage my recruitment needs. Our head office is based in New York, however I needed more of a local contact to represent us in the London job market. We had multiple positions across marketing, digital and creative so I required someone to manage and deliver multiple recruitment campaigns. I was introduced to Louise Sargent and Liz Rowe - together we discussed ideas on how to develop our recruitment in-house, be successful and consistent within Blue State Digital’s branding. Liz and Louise joined Blue State Digital in London on a four month contract and played a pivotal role in our most recent senior appointments. They kept me in the loop every step of the way and professionally spoke and corresponded to candidates on my behalf resulting in saving my valuable time. They were part of our team and I look forward to working with them again in the near future – excellent job!" Samir Patel - Managing Director at Blue State Digital, London
"Our London office had a need to recruit and I found Louise’s business profile via Linkedin. After reviewing her experience and the services Fish Hook Careers offer, we appointed Louise and her colleague Liz Rowe as our Freelance In-House Recruiters for the UK. Supporting our Managing Director in London, Liz and Louise provided professional recruitment services from headhunting to assisting the US team with offers of employment. This was a fantastic solution for us as we needed external support when speaking to UK candidates and to help introduce Blue State Digital into the London job market. Liz and Louise operate on flexible contracts which was very appealing to us, being able to hire a Freelance In-House Recruiter without employee commitment was the best solution. We will be using Liz and Louise again in the near future – I highly recommend this team. " Megan Hovious - Talent & Operations Director at Blue State Digital, New York

"She has significantly reduced our hiring costs, saved me time and promoted the company online"

Sally Cross, Marketing Director, Potter and Moore