What are the benefits of hiring a Temporary In-House Recruiter for your business? Top 12 reasons

Wed 12th February 2014

What are the benefits of hiring a Temporary In-House Recruiter for our business? Top 12 reasons ..  

  1. We help you avoid paying recruitment or head-hunter fees for individual candidates
  2. Reduce HR functions – only hire a Temporary In-House Recruiter when your business needs it
  3. Your personal In-House Recruiter will be the main contact for all enquiries – candidates, recruitment agencies and online advertising. This person will field all correspondence which will save business owners and line managers time responding to interrupting calls and emails from external resources
  4. “Hit and Miss” online advertising – no suitable candidates have applied for your role, you have spent your advertising budget, what next?
  5. We are working on the same team, under the same branding – recruitment studies show that candidates are more engaging when contacted directly from an employer, rather than the 6###sup call that day from a recruitment agency
  6. Utilising your businesses social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ for candidate sourcing, candidate attraction, employer branding and candidate engagement
  7. Together we will build a network of local and skilled professionals who are relevant for your business and promote free company PR
  8. Talent Resourcing / Headhunting (Junior to Executive Search) – all levels covered
  9. Processing/filtering CVs and candidate management
  10. Telephone, Skype and on-site interviewing available
  11. Once screened, we provide directors and line managers with a short-list of suitable candidates to interview directly
  12. When a successful candidate has been identified, your In-House Recruiter would recommend and  obtain 2 work references and he/she can also assist with Offers of Employment (if required)

For further information on how Fish Hook Careers can help bring your recruitment in-house, manage your job opportunities internally and attract candidates directly, please contact us www.fishhookcareers.net  

"She has significantly reduced our hiring costs, saved me time and promoted the company online"

Sally Cross, Marketing Director, Potter and Moore