Meet the Team behind Fish Hook ..

Fri 4th March 2016

Fish Hook interviewed by Nico Lawler, Digital Publisher

An esteemed and cutting-edge In-house Recruitment Consultancy are taking recruitment to new heights, and their unrivalled approach is growing from strength to strength. Fish Hook Careers are achieving and exceeding client and customer expectations through a combined delivery of thorough and driven objectives; it’s an advanced and alternative avenue to hiring. With an effective concept and proven practice of saving businesses ‘individual candidate fees’, Fish Hook further develop social media strategies to attract candidates directly, whilst promoting free PR. They provide a premium service, which is continually driving and delivering a recruitment synergy.

Fish Hook Careers was founded in 2013 by Louise Ashford-Hodges. Fish Hook differentiates itself from age-old agencies by habitually offering a greater relationship-based, honest and trusted service. Working diligently to truly understand both their potential candidates and the vacancies they are tasked with filling, results in perfectly matched candidates to roles. They get to know their clients and understand exactly what it is that they are looking for in new employees. Similarly, they also provide a full and accurate picture of what it’s like for staff that are working for the client; from employee benefits, to the types of projects they are involved in, to taking into consideration the atmosphere of the working environment.

"Louise and Liz are great to work with. They have helped us recruit several great new members of our team who we would not otherwise have found through the traditional channels. They have taken the time to understand our business, and our culture. And they only provide candidates who match our requirements. They are not scared to push the boundaries either – making suggestions or trying a new approach. The communication is good too. They always keep us informed of what they are doing. I hope we continue to work with Fish Hook on our recruitment for years to come.”

Will Wright, Operations Director, The Jacob Bailey Group

It is this attention to detail that really sets Fish Hook apart from recruitment agencies, and undertaking a success over ‘fee-based’ approach is pivotal, not to mention commendable. This distinguishes them from the competition and drives their company growth, development and furthermore their client and customers trust. Relatively new on the scene, the team are already proving a fierce force in the recruitment arena; let’s hear it from them.

Louise Ashford-Hodges - Owner/Director, Fish Hook

Elizabeth Rowe - Managing Recruitment Consultant, Fish Hook

Casey Marsh - In-House Recruiter/Social Media Executive, Fish Hook

What is your role within the business?
Casey: I’m the In-House Recruiter and Social Media Executive
Liz: My role at Fish Hook is Managing Recruitment Consultant

What do you enjoy about your job?
Casey: I'm really enjoying honing new skills, it’s an opportunity I didn't think I would ever get!
Liz: The interaction with people and the satisfaction of placing candidates. 

What do you see as your greatest accomplishment since working for the company?
Casey: This is a hard one for me because I am still relatively new and continue to learn, but since taking over Twitter for Fish Hook, I’ve gained 100+ followers almost straight away.
Liz: Managing Fish Hook whilst Louise got married last year

What do you think, as a team effort, was your biggest accomplishment in the last year for the business?
Casey: As a team effort I would like to say that gaining Blue State digital as a client is definitely the company's greatest achievement since I have joined. When I joined, Louise needed someone who could take over more of the basics so she and Liz could gain more business, and that is exactly what has happened!
Liz: Securing two monthly retainers.

What motivates you within your workplace?
Casey: Having the opportunity to learn a completely new skill and having the chance to take my future in a different direction is more than enough motivation for me.
Liz: The success of placing ideal candidates, time and time again.

As an in-house recruiter, how do you add value to your clients?
Casey: As a creative person, recruiting in the marketing sector really appeals to me. I'd like to think that I am familiar and comfortable with the kind of businesses we work with and their requirements and needs for candidates and the roles they will play.
Liz: To build the company's brand whilst sourcing great candidates to their business.

Explain why Fish Hook Careers is leading innovation in the recruitment field, and why we should book you.
Casey: Fish Hook Careers can save businesses valuable time and money with our unique personal recruiting approach.
Liz: We source high calibre candidates directly to your business without the extortionate agency fees.

In one word, what do you think about Fish Hook Careers as a business?
Casey: Unique.
Liz: Revolutionary.

Fish Hook Careers creator, Louise…

What gave you the drive and ultimate push to pursue starting your own business?
To be honest it was the right time for me to start a new venture for myself. I relocated from Cambridge to Kent and seized the opportunity to create my own consultancy – with research, planning and a financial buffa (a must for any new start-up!), I put the wheels in motion. With over twelve year’s recruitment experience, I had the knowledge, the qualifications and the professional network to make this happen. The market is now saturated with recruitment agencies so I wanted to offer a niche service where I could help my clients save money when hiring alongside my consultancy services. In today’s digital age, clients have so many tools available via social media so by educating and taking ownership of their recruitment campaigns, I have helped many organisations to bring their recruitment in-house and successfully hire directly. 

What do you love most about your business and the company's ethos?
To be honest…the people! I have a fantastic team supporting me (Liz, Casey and Nico) and a great range of professional clients from Cambridgeshire to London. If you have a good network of people around you who are loyal, trustworthy and 100% behind you, I believe you can achieve anything.

Did you always have an entrepreneurial spirit? If so, when did you realise you had it in you?
Ha, definitely not!! Over the years I was a working bee, clocking in, clocking out, achieving other people’s business goals, however, as you mature (and learn and grow along the way), you look back at your career achievements and say to yourself, wow I did that…so why not take that leap of faith and work for yourself?  

If you could give a younger you, any business or motivational advice, what would it be? 
In this market it is very tough for young people to get their foot in the door. Whether you have come via the University of Life (like me) or a 2:1 degree, young people today have many hurdles to jump within a very competitive job market. My honest advice would be to network and name drop as much as you can, it really is about ‘who you know, not what you know’. Everyone has to start somewhere, my first temporary office role was via my stepmother in Saffron Walden – she recommended me to a publishing company and literally that was my little toe in the door.

What's your biggest motivation?
Such a cliché question – if I was in my 20’s, of course I would say money however, approaching 40yrs now, what gets me up in the morning…my family! I strive to be the best mummy I can to my daughter and of course a wonderful wife (most days!) and then in my business, to be entrepreneurial and support my close circles round me - if I can help other people develop and achieve, this is more rewarding to me. If you’re unhappy with something in your life, only you can change it.   

As an in-house recruiter, how do you add value to your clients?
Where do I start? Our core value is saving our client’s time and money when recruiting – we not only filter, manage and interview on behalf of our clients, we also take ownership of their social media and help promote their business a step ahead of their competitors. I am a results driven consultant and a firm believer of ‘proof is in the pudding’. We are fast approaching our 3rd year in business and looking forward to the challenges ahead - if you would like to learn more, please visit our ‘Success Stories’ on our website or give me a call.

Explain why Fish Hook Careers is leading innovation in the recruitment field, and why we should book you?
In a nutshell, we help organisations bring their recruitment in-house, save them money by avoiding recruitment agencies, personally manage their recruitment from start to finish whilst boosting their company’s social media …not ours.

In one summary, what do you think about Fish Hook Careers as a business?
A concept that works…hire us and believe.

“Louise was recommended to me from our London office. She joined the Smart Group in February 2015 as our In-House Recruiter. I had an urgent requirement for a business development professional for my Manchester team. I have used recruitment agencies in the past, however, they were not delivering the calibre of candidates I needed for this particular role. I briefed Louise and her team in London and via social media, she created a pool of experienced and relevant candidates not only for my position but also built an online community who follow our brand. The candidate Louise placed here is fantastic, hardworking and an asset to my team”.

Stefan Maciejewski, Managing Director - Smart Group Ltd - Event Services

"She has significantly reduced our hiring costs, saved me time and promoted the company online"

Sally Cross, Marketing Director, Potter and Moore