Fish Hook Careers vs. Recruitment Agencies – why hire us?

Fri 9th May 2014

Fish Hook Careers vs. Recruitment Agencies – why hire us? 

With a new perspective to recruitment, Fish Hook was launched to help UK companies save time and money when employing. One of the most expensive areas of running your business is employee hiring costs so whether you use a recruitment agency, place an advert with a job board or an industry specific magazine publication, which candidate source is right for you?

Our concept is simple ….

  1. Why would you pay a recruitment agency to send a mailshot of candidates, who are already online via social media networks?
  2. Why would you pay over a £2,500k+ fee for one individual, when you can build a network of multiple candidates who follow your business and job opportunities?

Recruitment Reports and Summaries – where do your candidates comes from?

At Fish Hook Careers, we provide confidential recruitment reports and summaries to show which of your social media streams is most effective when attracting the right candidates to your business. We share our research with you as it is important to be transparent and provide professional advice on how to manage your recruitment tools that deliver results – recruitment agencies do not share this information, but we do.   

I would like to book a temporary In-House Recruiter but how does it work?

We offer our clients flexible payment terms to hire our In-House Recruiters. Depending on the scale of your recruitment, we can manage anything from one position to multiple roles across larger organisations. Fish Hook Careers works on a fixed day rate which is agreed before we exchange contracts to avoid hidden fees or costs at the end of recruitment process.

For further booking rates and payment terms, please contact Louise Ashford-Hodges at or office 01474 834 481.

"She has significantly reduced our hiring costs, saved me time and promoted the company online"

Sally Cross, Marketing Director, Potter and Moore