Digitally & Socially, Greater Control

Wed 13th August 2014

Do you want greater control in managing your recruitment? Do you want to find a new recruit that unconditionally fits the position, with your candidates sourced by that foremost objective; to get the best calibre of applicants for the role advertised?

Then maybe it’s time you chose in-house recruiting.

#FishHookCareers are an independent, in-house and social recruiting consultancy, responsible for the effective and efficient co-ordination, monitoring and regulating of the recruitment processes in line with your business requirements. We will provide you with a timely and well organised process driven service, to ensure that all positions are filled in time, with only the most suitable of candidates.

Solely, we specialise in providing UK organisations with the ability to internally manage their own recruitment campaigns. Presenting you with an invaluable insight into how to attract and engage industry professionals to directly work for your brand, without the need for external agency and agents fees; we will also save you valuable time and money.

As In-House Recruitment Specialists, we will support and assist companies’ Managing Directors, Human Resources and Head of Departments to understand and appreciate the vast benefits of using social media networks to improve your recruiting techniques and results. Your business will significantly profit on your recruitment strategy, selection process, candidate attraction, employer branding and your content marketing strategies.

Over the next few years, recruiting will make a sharp departure from the recent past. The rise of digital and social media as a communications platform, added to the higher expectations of the millennial generation, recruiting is entering a new, more challenging era. Fish Hook Careers believe that understanding these trends, especially the benefits and limitations of the social Web and the very different and concrete ways that Millennial’s differ from older generations, will be crucial for recruiting success in the future.

In this new era of recruiting, there’s a shake up in the way recruiters, companies and individuals do business. Asserting you to take advantage of new capabilities that come with the digital revolution, we can propel companies and clients forward, more than ever.

"I can't recommend Louise at Fish Hook enough, as she managed the whole recruitment process on our behalf"

Jackie Hemmings, Sales & Marketing Director, Black Dog Creative