Conscious of Market Movement … The Continuous, ‘carrousel’ of Marketing

Thu 12th March 2015

Envisage a world in circumstantial, constant chaos. The laws that you live by one day, are completely rewritten the next. All those around you are driving a revolution, not against any one creature, but against the World. Beliefs are proven false, black is white, up is down, and at any given point in time you could be left with nothing but a bleak landscape.

For most, this scene is nothing more than a setting for a scary story, but for some, it’s their reality. Metaphorically, Entrepreneurs, marketers and brand architects fight for survival every day in this very arena. The rate of distracting and unsettling innovation in the fields of media and technology has increased to a rate our world has ever seen.Every new concept, advance in technology or change in collective beliefs, shakes the structures on which we’ve tirelessly built our work.

So long as there’s always a means to be heard by communicating effectively, there will always be successful marketing. Striving to adopt and adapt fresh thinking, with a flexible approach to strategy andbusiness, we can endeavour to succeed in becoming marketing moguls.

The intelligent and continued use of #android and #iphone’s, enables us to market on the move, wherever and whenever. It’s only natural then, that we now live in a Millennial World with an almost obsessive need to be ‘liked’ and ‘follow’ed; where to ‘share’ is to care. It seems that for an increasing majority, to be socially ‘connected’, is to be online.  

For me, when I think of the quite possibly passé expression, ‘trendy’, it’s in a whole new context that the word prevails; I think, ‘what’s trending this week?’ #askmatty, #weloveyoutooniall, #nickclegg, #retweet and maybe the slightly more apt, #contentmarketingshow? The World as we knew and know, is a constant carrousel of social information and hype. Get on board and enjoy the ride.

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Garth Lauckner, Founder and Technical Director, Chameleon Studios