A Recruitment Concept to Empower Businesses. Why Hire Us? Fish Hook Careers vs Recruitment Agencies

Thu 13th November 2014

Bringing a fresh perspective to recruiting, we ensure a clearer and more refined candidate pool for employers. Fish Hook was launched to help UK businesses save invaluable time and money when employing. We realise that one of the most expensive areas of running your business is employee hiring costs, but we also share great empathy for this vast area of concern. After years of a costly certainty via the recruitment agency route, looking into the steep outlay of advertising,searches and fees, we decided to focus on making a developmental change for the better.

“With a fresh approach to social media recruitment and staffing, we’ve developed a modern, time-saving and cost-effective solution to share with our clients and candidates.”
Louise Ashford-Hodges, at Fish Hook Careers.

It’s wasn’t only the hard-hitting facts and figures of advertising a position that companies were paying for, it was the loss of profit from the result of hiring new staff that really weren’t appropriate for the role. You are expected to have hope and trust that the agency you are paying and counting on, are going to provide you with the best candidates for the job. Businesses need to spend their valuable time on their own responsibilities, and worrying over staffing issues shouldn’t be one them.

A traditional recruitment agency acts as an intermediary between an organisation that is looking to employ someone and an individual who is looking for a job. A recruitment agent’s main function is to source the most suitable person for a job vacancy that they have been asked to fill. Although the chances of an agency putting forward a candidate that isn’t right for the role, can be slim, there is still the costly fees to pay and the trust you must put in their hands. Our fees are a fraction of the agency costs and we will always deliver results from start to finish.

“We have worked with Louise over a number of years, and have always been impressed by her understanding of our business and appreciation of the kind of recruits that we are looking for. Fish Hook is a perfect solution – giving us the ability to use Louise’s skills, without the heavy fees charged by agencies. Louise has helped us to make much better use of all the available recruitment avenues: saving both time and money, and creating a  pool of talent that we can access in the future”.  Shelby Haslam, Head of PR and Planning Ware Anthony Rust, Cambridge.

At Fish Hook Careers, our concept is simple;

1. Why would you pay a recruitment agency to send a mailshot to candidates who are already online via trusted, social media networks?
2. Why pay a minimum fee of £2,500+ for one individual, when you can build a network of multiple, ideal candidates who follow your business and job opportunities?

We provide confidential recruitment reports and summaries to show which of your social media streams are most effective when attracting the right candidates to your business. We will always share our research with you, as we believe it is important to be transparent and provide professional advice on how to manage your recruitment tools that deliver results, every time. Recruitment agencies do not share this information but we do.

We offer our clients flexible payment terms to hire our In-House Recruiters. Depending on the scale of your recruitment, we can manage anything from one position to multiple roles across larger organisations. Fish Hook Careers works on a fixed day rate which is agreed before the exchange of contracts to avoid hidden fees or costs at the end of the recruitment process.

If you would like to book a temporary In-House Recruiter, please contact Louise Ashford-Hodges at louise@fishhookcareers.net or call the office on 01474 834481.

Please also get in touch @FishHookCareers, facebook.com and via linkedin.com/louiseashfordhodges

"I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Louise and Fish Hook Careers to other businesses"

Rob Bryant, Managing Director, Mobas